Introducing our newest production:
African Adventure Tales
African Adventure Tales

Two funny folktales from Africa come to life with stunning puppetry, spectacular scenery, and infectious music.

"The show was fantastic!". . . P.S. 244, Flushing, NY


Koi and crocodile
Koi and the Kola Nuts
is a humorous tale from Liberia. The youngest son of a chief is cheated out of his inheritance; instead of his father’s riches he receives just one small kola nut tree. He sets off to find a new home. On his travels he meets a snake, a crocodile, and a colony of ants, all in desperate need of the one thing Koi has: kola nuts. Koi helps the animals and leaves himself with nothing. His kindness to the creatures he meets is rewarded when they help him find his new home!

Anansi and the Talking Melon features the irrepressible trickster Anansi the Spider. Anansi is lazy, greedy and out only for himself; in fact, he is the very opposite of Koi! In “Anansi and the Talking Melon," Anansi eats his way into Elephant's melon. and becomes too bloated to get back out! The clever trickster convinces Elephant that he owns a talking melon, and he proudly shows everyone the miraculous fruit . . . until he takes it to the King and the melon won’t say a word!
Anansi hides in the melon

"Thank you for putting on a wonderful performance for my son and his classmates today."

. . . Fiddlehead School, Portland, ME

RECOMMENDED AUDIENCE: K-5 and family audiences
STAGE SIZE: Minimum 14' wide / 10' deep / 8.5' ceiling height

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