The Three Little Pigs Build a Better House

Everyone knows the story of the Three Little Pigs. The wonderful thing about stories is that every time you tell them, they change a little. And everyone who tells a story tells it a little bit differently.

In our version of this classic tale, the three little pigs have a problem: they’ve outgrown their home and need three new houses, once for each pig. But whom should they hire to build their houses?

The three little pigs

The Big Bad Wolf has a problem: jobs for wolves are few and far between these days, and they often come with occupational risks. So he’s going into business for himself, as a house builder. Oddly enough, his first three clients are – yep, you guessed it – pigs!

wolf and pig with pretzel stick house

The three pigs aren’t sure if they can trust their architect, B. B. Wolfe. They think he might have ulterior motives. “Straw?” asks the first pig. “Excellent insulation,” says the wolf. “Sticks?” says the second. “Built-in ventilation,” replies the architect. “I’m using bricks!” says the third pig.” “Bricks are so old fashioned,” says the wolf. “So boring. So . . . solid.”

It appears, however, that Mr. Wolfe may not have the pigs’ best interests at heart. In fact, he seems to want to eat them! He catches the first two pigs, but the third gives him more trouble. Since Mr. Wolfe refuses to build her a house out of bricks, she does it herself. And she comes up with a plan to get rid of the wolf for good!

Wolf with brick house

The award-winning Crabgrass Puppet Theatre delivers a delightful and hilarious new take on an old tale, featuring beautiful puppetry, lively music and three adorable pigs.

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